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Sweet Dreams Family Dance Info

For all the details on what to expect, please read below. We hope you’ll find answers to all your questions here!

This collaborative event for individuals, couples, and families, including CHEAR members and their guests, as well South DFW Traditional Dance Group members and their guests, in addition to other interested parties, is hosted by dance teachers Lori Newmann and Jordan Cervantes, along with their Dancing Through Time students, and parent assistant Amy Woolsey along with her friend and SDFWTD group co-leader Sarah Carr Garcia formerly of ECCHO, as well as Connect Church member Rachel Opper and her additional volunteer helpers. No matter who you know, come join us for a joyful evening of traditional group dances suitable for multiple ages and skill levels!

Beginners are welcome, no experience necessary. If you can simply walk and count, you have the tools for success! Mrs. Newmann, our caller, will explain the moves and patterns of each dance before the music starts, walk everybody through a practice round or two, and then continue to prompt and remind as the song plays. No need to worry about memorization!

If you DO have experience with English Country and other historic social dances, we’d LOVE for you to come and help lead the way so that there are plenty examples to follow, making it even easier for new ones to catch on quickly! This is a great time for former DTT students to return and reconnect with old friends, and make some new ones, while reliving the fond memories of familiar dances.

But whether it’s your first or fiftieth time to do this kind of thing, it’s not about perfection. It’s just about having fun, connecting as a community, and celebrating the season!

While couples CAN consider this a Valentines date if they wish, it is not expressly for that purpose, and bringing a partner or date is NOT required. Participants will group up in different sets and change partners multiple times throughout the evening, which fosters an emphasis more on community than romance. So no matter your age or relationship status, we want you to be comfortable and have fun! Come ready to dance with friends, neighbors, coworkers, relatives, young, old, etc. There is always a good mix and a great time!

Please note, there will be no daycare on site so parents will be responsible for supervision of children at all times. For the little ones unable to dance, many families may prefer to arrange a sitter at home, to give both mom and dad a chance to have some festive fun together on the dance floor!?

For school aged children, there is no specific minimum age for participation, but in general, many kids from about 8-10 and up can enjoy the dances successfully, *IF* they are able to do two things: 1) listen well and focus on the directions of a teacher/caller, and 2) handle repeated steps with changing partners for the full length of a tune, which can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Parents know best and can be the judge about their kids’ capabilities.

Regarding attire, we suggest you consider this a special event rather than a formal one, although you are welcome to dress as fancy as you like! In the interest of modesty, we do require that dresses and skirts (including any slits) be NO SHORTER THAN KNEE LENGTH and that necklines and backs are not so low as to be revealing at all. Dress pants with blouses, or slacks with collared button ups are nice choices as well, but jeans and tees are fine too if that’s what you truly prefer. Breathable fabrics and sensible shoes will keep you comfortable, whatever your style.

The point of a dance event is to… right, dance!! You need to be able to walk, turn, link arms, etc without risk of injury to yourself or those around you. Items that can fall off or break, cause tripping or ankle rolling, get caught or tangled etc, should be avoided. (For example, high heels, flip flops, dangle bracelets, and scarves can all be problematic.) Please carefully consider comfort and safety when choosing shoes and accessories.

Please note that refreshments will be served, but not a dinner. Come fed and fueled for several hours of moderate exercise! Snacks and beverages will be available for a boost to keep you going.

This event will be at Connect Church in their *NEW* building at 3001 Gertie Barrett Rd, MANSFIELD, TX 76063. (Make sure both people and GPS are aware of the update. Don’t go to their old location in Arlington!) If you see More Church, you are at the wrong building.

Tickets may be purchased online in advance for best discount.