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Absent Form

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Absent Form

If your child is absent at any time, please make sure this form is filled out for our tutors/administration. 

Thank you-

CHEAR Management 

1. *

Student First and Last Name 

If multiple students, please list their names. 

2. *

How many students in your family are going to be absent?

1 Student 2 Students
3 Students 4 Students
5 Students 6 Students
7 Students
3. *

Parent First and Last Name 

4. *

Date of Absence #1 


Date of Absence #2  (Skip if only one day absence)


Date of Absence #3  (Skip if only one day absence)

7. *

What classes will you be missing? 

Please choose which classes you will be missing if you are not absent for a full day. 


 (1 required)
All Day 1st Period
2nd Period 3rd Period
4th Period 5th Period
6th Period 7th Period
8th Period
8. *

To inform the tutors you will be absent...please check the names of each tutor that you will not be attending class for. 

 (1 required)
Tressie Anigbo Ruth Behring
Jordan Cervantes Hailey Cochran
Andrew Cochran Margaret Donnelly
Caitlyn Eubanks Rachael Gardner
Brynna Gillbert Keri Gillbert
Pat Gray Aimee Hoelscher
Larissa Irizarry Elizabeth Jimenez
Deborah Jones Lacy Lamb
Ana Lopez Christie Luttrell
Michelle Martens Aimee Martin
Hope Martin Jenny Meyer
Leslie Napper Lori Newmann
Dana Opper Joy Oyebode
Rachel Payne Sheri Payne
Brooke Perry Bryan Person
Kathryn Phelps Jacob Proctor
Mary Reel Karen Rollins
Laura Rudeseal Amy Sears
Christine Simpson Lori Simpson
Jonathan Smith Priscilla Sotelo
Joel Sprayberry Gina Sutton
Christi Wallander Amy Weiss
Tammy Wilkins
9. *

What is the reason for your absence?


List any extra information you would like to share with Administration. 

This form will be sent to your child's tutors. Please make sure all students have been listed. 

A confirmation email will be sent to the parents after the form has been submitted.